Chocolat N Spice Cakes (Shunfu Market)

​I went to Shunfu Market to get the muffins but halfway through queueing they got sold out so I decided to get their cakes instead. 

I got the Rasberry Cheesecake ($3.80) and the Red Velvet ($5) from Chocolat N Spice.

Red velvet is a buttery cake with sour cheese icing. The cake was aromatic and has a similar flavour to their muffins. I spotted red fruit fibers in the cake which may possibly be from beetroot.

The cheesecake was a tad too dry. The  raspberry jam tasted kind of sour. I could hardly taste the cheese. The roasted nuts on hazelnut cream on the side of the cake was delicious though. They used a spongey vanilla cake base instead of the usual biscuit base.

I really like how they use fresh fruits to decorate their cakes.

I would recommend the red velvet cake. It has an exceptional flavour, especially for a hawker centre bakery.

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Breadtalk’s Cheese Tarts

Since the cheese tart craze began this year, cheese tarts can be found almost everywhere.

That being said, as a foodie, I had to try BreadTalk’s take on the cheese tart.

Their cheese was runny and creamy, very similar to President’s cream cheese spread. The pastry was thin and surprisingly full of flavour.

We had the original flavour ($2.40 per tart).

I urge you to try this as their cheese tarts are unique in texture and flavour.

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Common Man Coffee (Martin Road)

I came here because a friend recommended this place saying that they have great coffee. 

I honestly was quite disappointed when I arrived. We had to queue/wait for 20 minutes to be seated and the place was congested with people.

I ordered their Fish Burger ($26++) and a Flat White ($5++).

The fish burger’s brioche bun was toasted to perfection. There were tomato slices, lettuce and xiao bai cai (cooked with coconut milk) with tar tar sauce in between the brioche bun slices. The fish patty was definitely the highlight of the dish. It was at least 3 times thicker than McDonald’s fish burger patty! It was kind of flaky but it’s handmade by them. The dish came with fries which were seriously unbearably salty.

The Flat White was very milky but not aromatic. The barista said they usually use this blend for flat whites:

I would not recommend going to this cafe during the weekends because of the crowd. It has a well decorated exterior and interior with a cosy ambience, but the I felt that the food here are a tad too pricey for the quality of food we are getting.

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This is their menu:

This is what the cafe looked outside:

My friend had the Common Man Veggie Wonderland ($25++) and the kale juice ($9++). She said that their sautéed mushroom and poach eggs were really good. 

Prima Deli Salted Yolk Lava Cheese Tarts (Vivocity)

After BAKE cheese tarts came to Singapore and the ridiculous queues that accompanied them, many bakeries have caught onto the trend. From Breadtalk to Bread Society and now even Prima Deli are selling cheese tarts like hot cakes. The flavours vary from the original to salted egg.

I was at Vivocity and stumbled upon the cheese tarts from Prima Deli. They are bigger in size and looked more “baked” on the top than most cheese tarts from other bakeries. 

Therefore, I submitted to temptation. I got the salted yolk lava ones ($2.80 per tart) only as I felt that they are pretty much the original ($2.40 per tart) with filling.

They basically pour the salted yolk filling in the empty pastry before stacking a layer of cheese cake on top. The cheese here is dry and fluffy. I found the cheese and pastry quite substandard. However, I like the salted egg filing which was thick and flavourful.

I would recommend you to try this at least once. The salted yolk filling here is definitely better than Bread Society’s.The taste may be subjective.

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Shunfu Market (Char Kway Teow and Muffins)

Shunfu Market is known for the long queues and good food so one has to expect to find a crowd there especially on the weekends.

I have tried the tapioca kueh and nasi lemak to chee cheong fun and have to admit that the food quality here is much higher than most hawker centres in Singapore. I will be reviewing some of the food at the market.

Orange Peel with Raisins muffin:20160625_10515220160625_105736 (2).jpg

Cheese muffin:20160625_10520320160625_105853 (1)

Mocha muffin:20160625_09055720160625_090649

Earl Grey Chiffon:20160625_092242


The muffins from Chocolat N’ Spice are very popular. They are one of the best I have ever had. Not to mention it is from a hawker centre. The muffins are so moist inside and crunchy on the edges of the muffin top. We had the Orange Peel with Raisins muffin which is similar to a fruitcake, Cheese muffin which is just cream cheese in the middle of the muffin and the Mocha muffin which is coffee flavoured cake with chocolate chips. I would recommend the Mocha one as it is unique although all the other flavours were equally amazing. They also bake amazing cakes like Earl Grey Chiffon and brownies. The chiffon was so aromatic and…OMG the fluff was perfect! Their brownies were amazing too. Moist, sticky and not very sweet.

20160625_092030.jpgThe char kway teow from Lai Heng Fried Kway Teow. It was very fragrant and the noodles were soft. It was basically a plethora of favours exploding in my mouth. You have to try it to understand! Do note that they they give a lot of cockles, like 20…I am serious.  If you don’t want any cockles you can opt to not have them.

20160625_105241.jpgWe also had the tapioca cake which was quite oily and crumbly. Not recommended. Forgot the name of the store, but I know it’s from the store beside/on the right of Mei Zhen Hakka Cuisine.

20160625_09040720160625_091408 (2).jpg

We also tried the slice fish bee hoon from Marsiling Teochew Fish Soup. It was definitely not up to expectations. One distinct feature would be their thick fried egg.

Shunfu Market is a place where you can get cheap quality food (which explains the long queues). I, however, would not join the queue just to buy the food here (I would come here at a non-peak time to avoid the queue).

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Yahava KoffeeWorks (Upper Thomson, 10 minutes walk from Bishan Park 2)

We heard that this cafe is a franchise from Perth and thus had to try their specialty coffee. The baristas will recommend different blends by asking the customers’ coffee preferences. The blends here are unique.

We ordered Guatemala blend Latte large ($5.50), Zumo blend Flat White large ($5.50), Carrot Loaf ($7) and Yorkless Cheesecake ($7.50).
The Latte Guatemala was quite acidic but drank with milk was not that bad. It’s like kopi O with milk. Strong bean aroma and more bitter compared to Zumo blend with a strong coffee aftertaste. Guatemala was the day’s specialty blend and Yahava charges additional $1 if you order their it.

20160618_123702 (1).jpg
The Flat White Zumo blend was less acidic and less aromatic than the Guatemala blend. The milk brings out the flavour. It has a strong cream/milk aftertaste. This Zumo blend was medium roasted.

The coffee here do not contain sugar. You have to add them yourself.

The Carrot Loaf had a strong cinnamon aroma with a spongy QQ texture. The walnut bits on the butter cream added texture to the cake. The cake melted in my mouth, exploding with flavour. Disappointingly, I did not taste much carrot in the cake.

The Yorkless Cheesecake was quite small. It was light and fluffy with a notable sour cream flavour.

7% GST is charged here.

20160618_125647.jpgThey do have have individual menus for customers, you have to order from the wall menu behind the cashier.
Their cakes are outsourced and a tad too pricey in my opinion. I would definitely be back for their coffee though. This place is really quiet and spacious- conducive for studying- even on a Saturday afternoon.

20160618_125656.jpgCoffee appreciation workshops are conducted here too.
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Tang Tea House Hong Kong Cafe (Near East Village)

We were at East Village and didn’t know what to eat, so we we decided to walk along the shop houses across the road hoping to find something delicious to fill our stomachs.

Tang Tea House was the first shop that came to sight and seeing the crowd there, we decided to try the food there. Tang Tea House is a Halal certified Dim Sum place.

We ordered Fried Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion ($12), Crispy Bee Hoon ($10), Noodle Soup with Sliced Fish ($7) and Homemade Barley Drink ($2.80).


The beef slices had too much tendon and had a very different flavour as compared to the typical beef dishes you eat at Chinese food places. I think it might be because they didn’t use lard and the spices used are similar to those in Malay/Indian food. A bit of turmeric and curry flavour was evident in the gravy. The ginger was not very spicy.


The Bee Hoon dish was a huge disappointment. It was bee hoon fried with eggs to the point of crispiness.


The fish noodle was below average. The fish was tender and soft despite the high temperature of the soup.


We had hot barley which was a tad too sweet for us.

From my observation, the waiters and chefs are from China. Even though they have great customer service, I felt the chefs were not very skilled. The cooking standard was just not there. To add, they charge GST here.

I probably won’t be back here again, however, I will be on the lookout for palatable Halal Chinese food in Singapore.

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