Old Airport Road Food Centre #1: 嘉賓日夜香’s Rojak, 南星福建炒虾面’s Hokkien Mee, 如记小厨’s Mee Pok, Char Kway Teow (forgot forgot to take down the name of the store), Unkai’s Ebi Fried Curry, Hougang Otah, Geylang Lorong 20 Banana Fritters


1.  嘉賓日夜香’s Rojak

rojak store.jpg

We paid $6 for this which is a little pricey. They have $3/4/5/6 depending on amount you want. The rojak here have much more ingredients then the one at HDB Hub basement foodcourt (Soon Heng Rojak). I really like the cuttlefish here. It is really soft and easy to chew. Plus, it does not have a fishy smell. This rojak has flavour yet it’s not too sweet or sour. I will definitely recommend this to anyone as a side dish.



2. 南星福建炒虾面’s Hokkien Mee

We tried this famous hokkien mee for $5. It’s quite expensive for a hokkien mee. They use 细米粉 instead of 粗米粉. It has the flavour and is slightly different from the normal hokkien mee you usually find outside. To add, the squid is sliced thinly for easy consumption.


3. 如记小厨’s Mee Pok


Next, we had the mee pok tah here. The owners made the fishballs on the spot. The fishballs here are soft and succulent unlike the ones we buy from NTUC. The mee pok has a nice texture with enough oil and vinegar to bring out the taste. This mee pok costs $4.

mee pok.jpg

4.  Char Kway Teow (forgot to take down the name of the store)

We had this Char Kway Teow for $4. It was quite a let-down. The 黄面 was too hard and the dish lacks flavour.



5. Unkai’s Ebi Fried Curry


We also tried the Ebi Fried Curry from Unkai. The curry is thick and savoury and goes well with the crispy tempura. We paid $8 for this.



6. Hougang Otah’s Chili Fish Otah

We ordered two chili fish otah at 50 cents each.The portion is quite small and the taste is quite ordinary.



7. Geylang Lorong 20 Banana Fritters

We passed by this store selling goreng pisang (fried banana) and got two of them. One for $1.30. They sell other fruits/vegetables like tapioca and sweet potato fritters too. The outside is salty and crispy while the inside is tender and sweet.



Lastly, we tried this sour sop drink from an uncle on a motorised  wheelchair. It costs $2.50. I feel it’s a little too sweet but I really enjoy the succulent flesh of sour sop at the bottom of the drink. To add, there’s an extra touch of acidity from the slices of lemon and lime in the drink.





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