Old Airport Road Food Centre #2: Holy Grill’s Prime Striploin and 老夫子炒粿条’s Char Kway Teow

I went to Old Airport Road today for lunch with my good friend, Alicia. We were looking for something healthy and stumbled upon Holy Grill.



We both tried the Prime Striploin as we love beef. We got to choose two side dishes with the Striploin. I chose two portion of Garden Veggies (Broccoli and chopped carrot). I was a bit disappointed as they served clauliflowers instead of the broccoli as shown on the menu. On a bright side, I liked the garlic seasoning/bits they sprinkled on the vegetables. (You can opt not to have the garlic powder)


Moving on to the meat. The seasoning was alright with a creamy and salty taste from the melted butter. They also sprinkled some dried herbs on the Striploin to add flavour. You can to choose either mushroom or black pepper sauce to go with the beef. I chose the black pepper one. I felt they could have given more sauce. The size of the beef was quite small and had too much tendon. You can take packets of ketchup from the container next to the cutlery. The owner will give you the chilli sauce himself.

I told the owner I wanted my beef medium done but it was too cooked. (Below) Same case for Alicia. We had a difficult time trying to cut the meat!


From my observation, there’s a lack of manpower in the store. The owner was juggling so many tasks and appeared quite “kan cheong”.

The portion of this dish may be small for some. It costs $13. I feel that it’s not worth the money. I would not recommend this dish.

Next, we tried 老夫子炒粿条’s Char Kway Teow as we were still hungry.


It was quite a let down. It lacks the unique fragrance and flavour. The texture of the noodles is hard as if they are under cooked. We paid $4 for this. The portion is quite small too. Not worth your money. I would not recommend this dish.

Old Airport Road has so much more food we want to try. We will definitely be back soon.


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