Albert Centre: 东风发海南鸡饭’s Chicken Rice, Mixed Vegetable Rice(Forgot the name of the shop)

We wanted to go to Tekka Centre for  lunch today but the parking was full so we decided to go to Albert Centre instead. We have never been there before and were surprised to see the array of food. Albert Centre offers a more local taste than Old Airport Road. It’s like your neighborhood wet market/food centre.

I walked passed 东风发海南鸡饭 and saw a picture of our PM smiling and decided I have to give it a try. I have seen this franchise at Maxwell Food Centre before but never dared to try as I don’t like oily rice.

I got the $3.50 set. They have $2.50, $4.50 too (more chicken, more expensive). I asked for chicken breast. There’s chilli sauce, garlic sauce and black sauce beside the cutlery. I feel that the rice and sauces are a tad salty. The chicken is flavourful and is definitely the highlight of the dish. I would actually just buy the chicken without rice next time!


Next, we tried a mixed vegetables store. (Forgot the name!) It’s actually not bad. I love the chicken on the tofu! We paid $4.20 for this.


Afterwards, we got desert. (Forgot the name of the store!) I really liked the grass jelly (仙草) as it was hard when you bite into it (also means more ingredients used) and it’s not sweet. However, I did not like the sea coconut. This costs $1.50.


I wanted to try the Nasi Lemak and Rojak but their queues were so long! I will definitely be back to try them. I would recommend Albert Centre for those days when you don’t cook and just want to eat something outside.


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