Astons: Prime Sirloin, Cream of Mushroom (Sembawang Shopping Centre)

My friend and I were at Sembawang Shopping Centre yesterday and we went to Astons for Prime Sirloin.  As carnivores, we love our meat. Especially steaks.

Prime Sirloin (below)


We chose medium done as we like our meat tender. Medium done sirloin was just nice. The middle of the steak had adequate red juice (below).


One problem was the tendon. It was thick and tough as you can see (above).  You can choose two side dishes with your steak. I love potatoes so I got the potato salad and the baked potato. I really liked the potato salad’s sour cream and red chill pepper sauce. It was very refreshing. I however, felt that the baked potato’s portion was too big and the potato too bland. I paid $14.50 for this.


I also ordered the Cream of Mushroom. The soup was thick and creamy yet it lacks flavour. I like the bread as it has lot a of fresh garlic on it (can’t really be seen above). I paid $3.50 for this.

I would recommend this place to all meat lovers. I will definitely be back to try the other cuts of beef!


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