Chocolate Origin: Lava Cake (Ang Mo Kio)

Yesterday after dinner, we had a craving for something sweet. Since we were in the area, we decided to get Chocolate Origin Lava Cake. I have heard that their Lava Cake is legendary from my friends.I have tried their cakes before and they never disappoint. It’s like richness of cream, cocoa and cake exploding in your mouth.

You can choose to have your Lava Cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream ($5.50) or just the Lava Cake ($4.95) alone. I have tried their Lava Cake with the vanilla ice cream which wasn’t impressive. Thus, I opt to go without the ice cream. To add, it’s also cheaper.




The Lava Cake tastes best when it’s piping hot. The chocolate filling is smooth, creamy and not too sweet which is what I love about the lava cake here. I have tried the salted caramel lava cake from Cali “Grill and Bar” in Holland but the taste was confusing. I still prefer the original chocolate lava cake.

I would recommend the Chocolate Origin Lava Cake to anyone and everyone! Who doesn’t love hot chocolate flowing out of a cake?




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