Tiong Bahru Market: Chwee Kueh, Char Kway Teow, Duck Rice, Chendol

Jian Bo Chwee KuehSnapchat-6127409709757509977.jpg

We got 6 for $2.40. The kueh was very creamy. Cai po is their specialty (their cai po is authentic!). The kueh and cai po were doused in oil. This dish is a must try!

Tiong Bahru Fried Kway Teow20160329_190918.jpg

We got the $3 plate. Not impressive. A bit sweet and not salty. The kway teow was very soft. They used very small cockels. I would not recommend you trying this dish.

Tiong Bahru Lee Hong Kee Cantonese Roasted20160329_193335.jpg
We paid $5 for char siew and duck breast with rice. The duck skin was not crispy. Its meat was smooth and tender. The gravy had a strong aroma of star anise.. The rice was a bit under cooked. But overall, not bad. The duck meat was smooth and succulent. This is a must try!

Liang Liang Garden20160329_194446.jpg

We paid $1.80 for a bowl of chendol. The red beans were very small and the coconut milk was thick. I would enjoy it if it was less sugary. They have other deserts like dou suan and cheng teng.


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