Bread Society’s Cheese Tarts (ION Orchard)

Yesterday, I went to ION to get my hands on the BAKE’s cheese tarts but they were sold out when I got there!(I went there at 5pm) So disappointed, I walked by Bread Society and heard the pastry chef shouting,”Cheese Tarts with Italian cheese, 4 for $6″. My eyes riveted to the tarts. Next thing I know, I was holding two boxes of tarts queuing to pay.



I got 4 salted egg cheese tarts and 4 original cheese tarts. I had never heard about Bread Society selling cheese tarts but it’s probably because they wanted to maintain their market share with BAKE’s new shop in close proximity.

Now to the tarts, because that’s what you are here for. The crust was very aromatic and buttery. The bite produced a sound as the pastry was so thin and hard. My teeth sunk into the cream cheese before the pastry crumbs blended with the zesty and creamy filling. For the salted egg filling, it was a tad too runny and the tart broke apart easily. It had a savory flavour to complement the subtle sour in the cream cheese. Definitely a plethora of flavours trying to compete for my attention.





Salted egg:





I feel that the cheese tarts here are not “cheesy” enough. The cream to cheese ratio in the in filling is probably 2:1. The tarts will be great for a party or a mid-day desert. I would recommend the original tart only. 1 is for $2, 4 for $6. All flavours are the same price. They only sell original and salted egg cheese tarts.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great day!



4 Fingers Drumsticks with Mixed Seasoning

I used to be skeptical about fast food and never thought that I would ever try 4 Fingers. But, I had to try it once (peer pressured)!

I have converted.

The aroma of chicken and oil wafting to my nostrils caused me to start salivating. I took my first bite and OMG, it was delicious. The skin was ridiculously structured despite its thinness. It was like eating chicken wrapped in chips. The flavour from the chicken is subtle and the seasoning gave the meat it’s unique taste (which is what it is famous for).

I think one should go and try 4 Fingers at least once. It was a “mouth opening” experience. However, I don’t think I will go back anytime soon. The price for three drumsticks cost slightly over $9 and with an ice milo cost $12 plus which is quite pricey. I mean it’s fast food after all, right?


Below are some pictures of the drumsticks:




They have the soy garlic and hot seasoning too.

What do you guys think of 4 Fingers?

Beef D-Rump with Kale and Pea Sprouts


The D-Rump cut is a proportionately fat and is great for steak dishes. The price is also very reasonable for beef at $3.50 for 100g. I got two steaks from Culina NTUC. I seasoned the the meat with the Argentina seasoning from Culina.

I heated the pan to low heat and used butter to oil the pan. For me, I prefer my meat more cooked.

Look at the charred and juicy steak!


I took it out of the pan and grab some kale and dou miao (pea sprouts) to a plate. I dolloped some greek yoghurt to cleanse my palate (Greek yoghurt is a good compliment to salty and fatty dishes) . Lastly, I drizzled lemon juice over the veggies and meat for an added zest.


Look at the color of the meat:


I like to dip my meat in the yoghurt:


I hope you will have a great time making this simple and fun dish. It’s healthy, hearty and gives you the energy you need to stay up late to study/work!


Wagyu Beef Steak with Steamed Cauliflower

Never fried beef before? Fret not. This was my first time too.

I have heard many praises from my friends about the wagyu beef and I know that it is quite expensive when you order it outside. So, I went to NTUC Culina to get two wagyu Kobe steak  (0.454 Kg) for $24.97.


Depending on demand and supply, the cut of beef you want may be sold out. Therefore, always check with the butcher beforehand to reserve your beef if you need to cook for your family dinner the next day!

Each steak is vacuum packed:


Look at the beautiful marbling:


I seasoned the meat with a black pepper powder (you can ask the butcher for the seasoning and he will let you choose from a selection) and rub it gently into the meat:


Heat the pan on low heat and add the oil. I used grapeseed oil here. Once the oil starts to sizzle, gently place the meat on the pan. Keep switching sides to prevent burning. Continue until there no more red juices seeping out of the meat. I prefer my meat more cooked. I am not sure what cut of beef this is, however, since it is quite marbled,  cooking longer did not affect the tenderness of the meat. Depending on the cut of the meat and your preference, you can adjust the heat and method of frying to suit you.

Here’s a quick video:


Before frying the meat, I steamed chopped cauliflower for 30 minutes (until soft and a little mushy).


Then, I removed the meat from the pan and plated it. Next,  I drained the water from the bowl and placed a handful of cauliflower into the pan and stir fried with the gravy from the steak. I added some slices of butter and sprinkled some dried herbs on the steak for taste.


This meal cost around $14 (estimated) . So much cheaper and healthier than what you get outside for a much higher price. It’s great that you can have your steak with whatever you want. Potato salad and broccoli would be a great alternative.

Hope you guys enjoyed my blog post. If you like it, please follow me and continue supporting me in my food journey. Thank you!


100% Raw at Teppei Syokudo (ION Orchard)

I have never heard of this place until my friend recommended me here. Teppei Syokudo sells Japanese deep fried batter cover snacks, curry dishes and raw fish. YES. Their specialty is big chunks of raw fish with rice or salad. (Not sure what the dish is called)

So, you get an order form and tick what size, type of fish and whether you want your fish with salad or rice.

You also can get either premium ($3.80 per portion) or toppings ($0.80) at additional cost.

Enter a caption

I got the medium size (Everyone I saw there had the medium size). With medium size, you get to choose four types of fish from their selection (salmon, tuna, whelk, yellow tail, octopus, squid and swordfish).

I chose salmon, tuna, yellow tail and swordfish with salad. The dish is served with wasabi and soy sauce drizzled over the fish. Also, I had the sweet onion sauce which gave the fish a zesty flavour. The fishes are fresh and had no odour. The fishes’ flesh were tender except for the swordfish which was a bit hard.

The salad includes dried seaweed on top with dou miao and white sesame seeds. A special nutty powder was added providing a nutty flavour to the dish.

To mention, they have one of the largest fish eggs I have come across in the dish. I ABSOLUTELY DETEST FISH EGGS. But, I got  to try it for you guys. The egg (only ate one) popped like a tiny water balloon in my mouth and the liquid inside was salty. It tasted a tad too salty.

The salad was pretty much just green and red cabbages. Certainly, they failed in the salad department. I do hope that they will introduce a variety  of vegetables and fruits in their salad for a more nutritious meal in the near future.

The medium size cost $15.80. I think the price is reasonable for sashimi and this place is definitely suitable for those who are on a raw food diet. I would certainly go back to try their curry rice as I love Japanese Curry (for those who can’t take spicy food)!

Roti Prata House (Thomson Road)

Roti Prata House is always crowded during dinner time. From their menu, I found out that they sell kway teow , bee hoon and fried rice too! (besides the delectable Indian dishes)


One of the best Teh Halia ($1.70) in town. The ginger was spicy yet it does not leave an aftertaste.


Cheese Egg:


Banana Cheese:


We had the Cheese Egg prata ($2.50) and the Banana Cheese prata ($4.50). (Stackes on each other)

Their pratas weren’t oily and was in fact very crispy compared to most pratas you find in food courts and hawker centres.

They have an enormous selection of pratas to choose from. Strawberry, durian and prawn pratas are just the tip of an iceberg.

They certainly have the tastiest prata curry in Singapore! Sweet, salty then spicy. A plethora of spices exploding in my mouth!

I would totally be back to try the other dishes on their menu. I would recommend this place to those who like a fusion of traditional Indian cuisine with a modern touch.

J.Co Doughnuts Taste Test

I have not tried J.Co Doughnuts  for a long time (since 4 years ago in Batam) so I went to get some of their flavours. Take note that J.Co’s doughnuts are generally smaller than Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme. The dough was not aromatic but goes well with certain toppings. One for $1.80, six for $9.90. We tried six flavours which are Glazzy, Alcapone, Choconuttzy, Copa Banana,  Mr. Green Tea and Snow White.




Simple and delectable. Slight crispness on the outside.



The almond was thinly sliced and very crunchy. The white chocolate was a tad too sweet. Too bland in nutty flavour.



I liked that they mixed hazelnut cream with chocolate sauce for the filling. This is a must try!

Copa Banana


The filling comprises of fresh cream with hints of banana. The chocolate toppings went well with the banana flavoured cream. This is another must try at J

Mr. Green Tea


The the bits of almond compliments the green tea glaze. A bittersweet combination.

Snow white


Fresh cream filling yet again and icing sugar doused on top. Simple ingredients but surprisingly good.

I wish J.Co would not use fresh cream so much as it was mediocre. I think their doughnuts were a bit pricey for its taste and size. I prefer Dunkin Doughnuts and Krispy Cream to J.Co.