Dunkin Doughnuts Taste Test

Believe it or not, I have never tried Dunkin Donuts ever since it came to Singapore. That’s why I decided to try some of their donuts. I got the Boston Kreme, Glazed, Almond White Chocolate and Chocolate Cake Glazed (below, anti-clockwise from bottom right).


Boston Kreme


The cream compliments the chocolate glaze and they were not overwhelming. The chocolate glaze was bittersweet. The cream was quite light and not too sweet. The dough had a strong “doughy” flavor.  No lingering after taste.



The dough tasted quite bready. The outside was crispy and sweet. It has a unique shape. ‘Less is more’ is very true for this doughnut.

Almond White Chocolate


Nutty and sugary sums up this doughnut. I liked the cruch, however, I felt the icing was a tad too sweet for me. The toppings went well with the dough.

Chocolate Cake Glazed


The cake has no flavor. It’s soft and crumbly. The taste came from the sugary glaze. Not impressive.

I would recommend the Almond White Chocolate and Glazed doughnuts. I will definitely try the other flavors in the future. Dunkin Doughnuts is not bad but I prefer Krispy Kreme.


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