J.Co Doughnuts Taste Test

I have not tried J.Co Doughnuts  for a long time (since 4 years ago in Batam) so I went to get some of their flavours. Take note that J.Co’s doughnuts are generally smaller than Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme. The dough was not aromatic but goes well with certain toppings. One for $1.80, six for $9.90. We tried six flavours which are Glazzy, Alcapone, Choconuttzy, Copa Banana,  Mr. Green Tea and Snow White.




Simple and delectable. Slight crispness on the outside.



The almond was thinly sliced and very crunchy. The white chocolate was a tad too sweet. Too bland in nutty flavour.



I liked that they mixed hazelnut cream with chocolate sauce for the filling. This is a must try!

Copa Banana


The filling comprises of fresh cream with hints of banana. The chocolate toppings went well with the banana flavoured cream. This is another must try at J

Mr. Green Tea


The the bits of almond compliments the green tea glaze. A bittersweet combination.

Snow white


Fresh cream filling yet again and icing sugar doused on top. Simple ingredients but surprisingly good.

I wish J.Co would not use fresh cream so much as it was mediocre. I think their doughnuts were a bit pricey for its taste and size. I prefer Dunkin Doughnuts and Krispy Cream to J.Co.


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