Roti Prata House (Thomson Road)

Roti Prata House is always crowded during dinner time. From their menu, I found out that they sell kway teow , bee hoon and fried rice too! (besides the delectable Indian dishes)


One of the best Teh Halia ($1.70) in town. The ginger was spicy yet it does not leave an aftertaste.


Cheese Egg:


Banana Cheese:


We had the Cheese Egg prata ($2.50) and the Banana Cheese prata ($4.50). (Stackes on each other)

Their pratas weren’t oily and was in fact very crispy compared to most pratas you find in food courts and hawker centres.

They have an enormous selection of pratas to choose from. Strawberry, durian and prawn pratas are just the tip of an iceberg.

They certainly have the tastiest prata curry in Singapore! Sweet, salty then spicy. A plethora of spices exploding in my mouth!

I would totally be back to try the other dishes on their menu. I would recommend this place to those who like a fusion of traditional Indian cuisine with a modern touch.


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