100% Raw at Teppei Syokudo (ION Orchard)

I have never heard of this place until my friend recommended me here. Teppei Syokudo sells Japanese deep fried batter cover snacks, curry dishes and raw fish. YES. Their specialty is big chunks of raw fish with rice or salad. (Not sure what the dish is called)

So, you get an order form and tick what size, type of fish and whether you want your fish with salad or rice.

You also can get either premium ($3.80 per portion) or toppings ($0.80) at additional cost.

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I got the medium size (Everyone I saw there had the medium size). With medium size, you get to choose four types of fish from their selection (salmon, tuna, whelk, yellow tail, octopus, squid and swordfish).

I chose salmon, tuna, yellow tail and swordfish with salad. The dish is served with wasabi and soy sauce drizzled over the fish. Also, I had the sweet onion sauce which gave the fish a zesty flavour. The fishes are fresh and had no odour. The fishes’ flesh were tender except for the swordfish which was a bit hard.

The salad includes dried seaweed on top with dou miao and white sesame seeds. A special nutty powder was added providing a nutty flavour to the dish.

To mention, they have one of the largest fish eggs I have come across in the dish. I ABSOLUTELY DETEST FISH EGGS. But, I got  to try it for you guys. The egg (only ate one) popped like a tiny water balloon in my mouth and the liquid inside was salty. It tasted a tad too salty.

The salad was pretty much just green and red cabbages. Certainly, they failed in the salad department. I do hope that they will introduce a variety  of vegetables and fruits in their salad for a more nutritious meal in the near future.

The medium size cost $15.80. I think the price is reasonable for sashimi and this place is definitely suitable for those who are on a raw food diet. I would certainly go back to try their curry rice as I love Japanese Curry (for those who can’t take spicy food)!


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