Wagyu Beef Steak with Steamed Cauliflower

Never fried beef before? Fret not. This was my first time too.

I have heard many praises from my friends about the wagyu beef and I know that it is quite expensive when you order it outside. So, I went to NTUC Culina to get two wagyu Kobe steak  (0.454 Kg) for $24.97.


Depending on demand and supply, the cut of beef you want may be sold out. Therefore, always check with the butcher beforehand to reserve your beef if you need to cook for your family dinner the next day!

Each steak is vacuum packed:


Look at the beautiful marbling:


I seasoned the meat with a black pepper powder (you can ask the butcher for the seasoning and he will let you choose from a selection) and rub it gently into the meat:


Heat the pan on low heat and add the oil. I used grapeseed oil here. Once the oil starts to sizzle, gently place the meat on the pan. Keep switching sides to prevent burning. Continue until there no more red juices seeping out of the meat. I prefer my meat more cooked. I am not sure what cut of beef this is, however, since it is quite marbled,  cooking longer did not affect the tenderness of the meat. Depending on the cut of the meat and your preference, you can adjust the heat and method of frying to suit you.

Here’s a quick video:


Before frying the meat, I steamed chopped cauliflower for 30 minutes (until soft and a little mushy).


Then, I removed the meat from the pan and plated it. Next,  I drained the water from the bowl and placed a handful of cauliflower into the pan and stir fried with the gravy from the steak. I added some slices of butter and sprinkled some dried herbs on the steak for taste.


This meal cost around $14 (estimated) . So much cheaper and healthier than what you get outside for a much higher price. It’s great that you can have your steak with whatever you want. Potato salad and broccoli would be a great alternative.

Hope you guys enjoyed my blog post. If you like it, please follow me and continue supporting me in my food journey. Thank you!



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