4 Fingers Drumsticks with Mixed Seasoning

I used to be skeptical about fast food and never thought that I would ever try 4 Fingers. But, I had to try it once (peer pressured)!

I have converted.

The aroma of chicken and oil wafting to my nostrils caused me to start salivating. I took my first bite and OMG, it was delicious. The skin was ridiculously structured despite its thinness. It was like eating chicken wrapped in chips. The flavour from the chicken is subtle and the seasoning gave the meat it’s unique taste (which is what it is famous for).

I think one should go and try 4 Fingers at least once. It was a “mouth opening” experience. However, I don’t think I will go back anytime soon. The price for three drumsticks cost slightly over $9 and with an ice milo cost $12 plus which is quite pricey. I mean it’s fast food after all, right?


Below are some pictures of the drumsticks:




They have the soy garlic and hot seasoning too.

What do you guys think of 4 Fingers?


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