Beef D-Rump with Kale and Pea Sprouts


The D-Rump cut is a proportionately fat and is great for steak dishes. The price is also very reasonable for beef at $3.50 for 100g. I got two steaks from Culina NTUC. I seasoned the the meat with the Argentina seasoning from Culina.

I heated the pan to low heat and used butter to oil the pan. For me, I prefer my meat more cooked.

Look at the charred and juicy steak!


I took it out of the pan and grab some kale and dou miao (pea sprouts) to a plate. I dolloped some greek yoghurt to cleanse my palate (Greek yoghurt is a good compliment to salty and fatty dishes) . Lastly, I drizzled lemon juice over the veggies and meat for an added zest.


Look at the color of the meat:


I like to dip my meat in the yoghurt:


I hope you will have a great time making this simple and fun dish. It’s healthy, hearty and gives you the energy you need to stay up late to study/work!



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