Table Manners (Changi City Point)

We wanted to get supper and we ended up at CCP. We walked one round at level 1 (it was 9.25pm on Sunday) and Table Manners caught our attention. It has a peaceful ambience with quirky furniture and “The Only Exception by Paramore playing in the background.

The kitchen closes at 9.30pm so we hurriedly picked our food. We wanted Mocha but they said that they are not serving coffee anymore. So, we went with a pot of Earl Grey Tea ($6). You can ask for reflll of hot water. We also had the Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel Tart ($7.50) and Rum Infused Crème Brûlée ($6.50).



The Earl Grey Tea’s tea/oil blend has a therapeutic effect on me. I would recommend this drink to go with desserts or alone to relieve stress.


The Sea Salt Choate Caramel Tart was not impressive. It has elements of sour from the berries, sweet from the milk chocolate and salty from the salted caramel below the chocolate filling fusing to produce a taste similar to black forest. The tart’s pastry is a too hard and brittle.


Their Crème Brûlée is unique. There’s a layer of rum infused glucose biscuit on top of the custard. The custard confused my taste buds.

I like chewing the mint leaf garnishes as it was refreshing.

I would not come back here for their desserts but I would love to try their main courses and coffee which is their niche.

Hope you enjoyed reading!


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