Common Man Coffee (Martin Road)

I came here because a friend recommended this place saying that they have great coffee. 

I honestly was quite disappointed when I arrived. We had to queue/wait for 20 minutes to be seated and the place was congested with people.

I ordered their Fish Burger ($26++) and a Flat White ($5++).

The fish burger’s brioche bun was toasted to perfection. There were tomato slices, lettuce and xiao bai cai (cooked with coconut milk) with tar tar sauce in between the brioche bun slices. The fish patty was definitely the highlight of the dish. It was at least 3 times thicker than McDonald’s fish burger patty! It was kind of flaky but it’s handmade by them. The dish came with fries which were seriously unbearably salty.

The Flat White was very milky but not aromatic. The barista said they usually use this blend for flat whites:

I would not recommend going to this cafe during the weekends because of the crowd. It has a well decorated exterior and interior with a cosy ambience, but the I felt that the food here are a tad too pricey for the quality of food we are getting.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

This is their menu:

This is what the cafe looked outside:

My friend had the Common Man Veggie Wonderland ($25++) and the kale juice ($9++). She said that their sautéed mushroom and poach eggs were really good. 


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