Prima Deli Salted Yolk Lava Cheese Tarts (Vivocity)

After BAKE cheese tarts came to Singapore and the ridiculous queues that accompanied them, many bakeries have caught onto the trend. From Breadtalk to Bread Society and now even Prima Deli are selling cheese tarts like hot cakes. The flavours vary from the original to salted egg.

I was at Vivocity and stumbled upon the cheese tarts from Prima Deli. They are bigger in size and looked more “baked” on the top than most cheese tarts from other bakeries. 

Therefore, I submitted to temptation. I got the salted yolk lava ones ($2.80 per tart) only as I felt that they are pretty much the original ($2.40 per tart) with filling.

They basically pour the salted yolk filling in the empty pastry before stacking a layer of cheese cake on top. The cheese here is dry and fluffy. I found the cheese and pastry quite substandard. However, I like the salted egg filing which was thick and flavourful.

I would recommend you to try this at least once. The salted yolk filling here is definitely better than Bread Society’s.The taste may be subjective.

Hope you enjoyed reading!


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