Nunsongyee at Upper Thomson Road: Mango Bingsu

With the Korean wave sweeping through Asia with Korean dramas and Korean pop, what’s next? Yes! Korean food! One of the more prominent Korean food in Singapore is the Bingsu. My first Bingsu was the Matcha Bingsu from Snowman Deserts at NEX. There, I could taste the strong milk flavor of milk shavings. I would recommend this place to anyone. It was worth every dollar!

Today we were at Upper Thomson and decided to get Nunsongyee as the weather was blisteringly hot. I had tried the Chocolate Banana Bingsu from Nunsongyee at Burghley Drive but found nothing special about it. There was little chocolate flavour and the milk shavings tasted diluted. Today, we got the Mango Bingsu as the guy recommended it to us for its “fruity taste”.



The Bingsu comprises of cubed mangoes, small rectangular pieces of cheesecake covering the milk shavings and is topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is also served with a small cup of condense milk to sweeten the desert.

I wished there were more of the cheesecake instead of the ice cream! The mangoes were not fresh and tasted a bit like canned fruits. The milk shavings didn’t have the milky flavour and the mangoes were too sour (unripe). On a bright side, the cheesecake pieces were really creamy.

Below is a piece of cheesecake: (it’s kind of camouflaged)


At the bottom of the milk shavings, there’s a layer of powdered digestive biscuits.

Below is the powdered digestive biscuits:


We paid $20.22 (with GST and Service Charge) for this Mango Bingsu. It is quite large and can be shared between four people.

I would not recommend Nunsongyee as their Bingsus are far too expensive for the quality of ingredients we get.