Prata Wala (Junction 8)

I have tried the Prata Wala at NEX and it was amazing. However, it cannot be compared with The Prata House at Thomson. So, It was very late on a weekday night and I was not in the mood to cook, so I decided to grab a quick dinner somewhere. I passed by Prata Wala and suddenly craved for some prata. However, it was packed and I had to wait around 20 minutes before getting a seat.

I ordered Chicken Prata set ($7.90++). It was not impressive. The curry was too spicy for me and the chicken meat was too tough. Th prata texture was as if it had been left outside for a while like “漏风“. This dish was an utter disappointment.


My mum ordered the vegetable naan set ($10.20++). The set came with a spread of condiments such as hummus, curry, rice etc. to go with the naan. I do not know the exact name of each condiment but I can say that the green coloured hummus was heavenly. It was creamy and uniquely bitter and salty. There was even salty mushy cheese-like cubes in the hummus adding an edge to the sauce. The naan was soft and has a bready taste. It was not as oily as the prata.




My dad ordered the Curry Chicken Briyani ($7.90) . The curry was the same as the Chicken Prata set. The briyani was packed with spice. The rice was hard and dry and complemented the thick and fatty curry.  The dish came with some fresh vegetables to cleanse the palate. The Papadums were crisp and salty.


We also ordered a teh halia ($2.20++). The tea was mediocre and the ginger was not spicy enough.


There’s a chalk board with the chef’s recommendations.


I would recommend the vegetable naan set if you happen to eat here. I think there are many other places in Singapore with mouth-watering Indian cuisine other than Prata Wala and I definitely can’t wait to explore them!

Hope you enjoyed reading!