Refuel (Bedok)

I took bus 66 from Bedok Interchange to get to Refuel. This place is pretty inaccessible for people who do not live in the east. Still, it was worth the journey.

After eating at Fuel Plus last week, I talked to the owner and found out that he has another cafe called Refuel in Bedok. I was stoked and had to come and try the food here!

I arrived on a Friday evening and the place was relatively quiet. People started to arrive after 7pm. The cafe has a cozy ambience but the seats and tables are a bit squeezy.

I ordered Extra Tank ($16) on their menu and a Passionfruit V Power Soda ($5.90). (Their dishes’ names are based on a fuel/petrol theme. They have Full Tank, Fuel Me Up, Refuel Pancake etc. on their menu.)


Extra Tank’s portion is very big and trust me, you won’t be able to finish it. I really like the scramble eggs and the sauteed mushrooms (same as the one at Fuel Plus). The scrambled eggs were really creamy. The bacon was fried to crispness. The salad (same as Fuel Plus) was doused in some type of vinegar sauce and was great with the smoked salmon. Jam and butter is given to apply on the toasted bread. The bake beans was obviously canned and I did not touch it. (I only eat bake beans when really “bo bian”/no choice.)


The Passionfruit V Power Soda was a tad too gassy for me. I was burping throughout my meal. The herbs in the drink were like “for show” as I did not taste the herbs at all. I really like the lemon zest and  the rinds added texture to the drink. I, however, could taste that they used passionfruit syrup for this drink. I would not order their soda range again but I recommend their Ice Chocolate ($5.90) which my friend had and was amazing.

I envision myself coming back soon to try out their BBQ Ribs ($14.90).

Hope you enjoyed reading!