Refuel Cafe #2 (Bedok)

Today, we went to Bedok Reservoir for a walk and it started to drizzle.  It was cold and raining non-stop, so we decided that Refuel was a perfect place to for us to stay dry and enjoy some warm delicious food.

We order Seafood Marinara ($13.90), Meaty Mac & Cheese ($13.50), Soup  W Toast ($5.50), Dark Chocolate Pistachio ($7.90) and Mocha Latte ($5.50).

20160604_133058The Seafood Marinara was interesting. It has the taste of the sea with a sour blend from the marinara soup. This dish includes prawns and mussels. Very flavourful but the portion is quite small.

20160604_133842The Meaty Mac & Cheese was a bit overwhelming. Too much cheese for me. It was quite disappointing to find that “meaty” element in the dish is the beef flavoured sauce.

20160604_132649Soup W Toast was delicious. I enjoyed the soup the most. It was similar to the one I had at Fuel Plus (same owner). I like the creamy consistency and the crunchy texture of the soup.

20160604_135420Dark Chocolate Pistachio was awesome. I love the fresh cake aroma of vanilla and nuts wafting from the butter cake. The dark chocolate icing added sweetness hard and brittle cake. (I know what you are thinking. The cake came with a “hole”. This was the second time. We asked for another cake as the previous one also had a “hole”. Somehow, the kitchen crew do not know how to properly cut/ serve a slice of cake.)

20160604_135546Mocha Latte was heavenly. It was creamy and fragrant. You have to try it for yourself. I am not a caffeine person but I have fallen in love with this coffee drink.

I stay quite far from Bedok but I would totally travel the distance to get quality food. I will definitely be back to try the other goodies on their menu!




Refuel (Bedok)

I took bus 66 from Bedok Interchange to get to Refuel. This place is pretty inaccessible for people who do not live in the east. Still, it was worth the journey.

After eating at Fuel Plus last week, I talked to the owner and found out that he has another cafe called Refuel in Bedok. I was stoked and had to come and try the food here!

I arrived on a Friday evening and the place was relatively quiet. People started to arrive after 7pm. The cafe has a cozy ambience but the seats and tables are a bit squeezy.

I ordered Extra Tank ($16) on their menu and a Passionfruit V Power Soda ($5.90). (Their dishes’ names are based on a fuel/petrol theme. They have Full Tank, Fuel Me Up, Refuel Pancake etc. on their menu.)


Extra Tank’s portion is very big and trust me, you won’t be able to finish it. I really like the scramble eggs and the sauteed mushrooms (same as the one at Fuel Plus). The scrambled eggs were really creamy. The bacon was fried to crispness. The salad (same as Fuel Plus) was doused in some type of vinegar sauce and was great with the smoked salmon. Jam and butter is given to apply on the toasted bread. The bake beans was obviously canned and I did not touch it. (I only eat bake beans when really “bo bian”/no choice.)


The Passionfruit V Power Soda was a tad too gassy for me. I was burping throughout my meal. The herbs in the drink were like “for show” as I did not taste the herbs at all. I really like the lemon zest and  the rinds added texture to the drink. I, however, could taste that they used passionfruit syrup for this drink. I would not order their soda range again but I recommend their Ice Chocolate ($5.90) which my friend had and was amazing.

I envision myself coming back soon to try out their BBQ Ribs ($14.90).

Hope you enjoyed reading!

The Workbench Bistro (beside Catholic Church of Christ the King)

I stay in the area but have never step my foot into this cafe as I am always skeptical about heartland cafes. It was a hot and  lazy Saturday morning and I decided to grab brunch there.

The cafe is dimly lit and has a cozy ambience. I, however, felt that their air conditioner is too strong. I was literally freezing.

We ordered carbonara, mushroom pasta (vegan), latte and waffle ice cream.

The carbona was not cheesy enough. The sauce was too diluted. The bacon was not fully cooked and had the pork odour. 20160521_121016
The mushroom pasta was a tad too salty. The linguine was doused with oil with slices of chili and mushrooms in between the pasta. This pasta is vegan.

Both pasta dishes were substandard.

The latte was dry (too little liquid milk) and sugarless.

20160521_120322Now, the highlight of the meal and what The Workbench Bistro is famous for. Waffles. It was seriously amazing. We had the original waffle with Bailey Irish Cream and Strawberry ice cream.  The waffles were aromatic, definitely better than Cold Pantry. The waffle texture was moist inside and crisp on the outside. The strawberry ice cream was acidic and refreshing and compliments the more creamy and thick Bailey Irish Cream ice cream. The chocolate sauce drizzled on top added a sweet edge to the waffle.

The total bill came to slightly under 40 bucks.

I recommend this place if you are looking for a cozy place to get quality ice cream waffles in the heartland. To add, there’s free wifi! Since it’s located near Bishan Park, you can go for a walk after eating to burn the calories!

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Fuel Plus (Opposite Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church)

A quiet cafe with quality food. Fuel Plus is the sister cafe of Refuel at Bedok. It offers a wide range of western food from hot cakes to steaks and crabs.

I came here as my mom kept singing praises about the food here and I had couldn’t stand it any longer.

We ordered Earl Grey Tea ($5.50), Grapefruit Lemonade ($5.50), Fuel Ice Tea ($5.50), Steak & Egg ($22), Salmon & Mash ($19), Soft Shell Crab Curry ($18), Salmon Mac & Cheese ($18), Mushroom Soup ($7) and Valrhona Hazelnut Praline ($8).

The Earl Grey Tea was aromatic with a bitter after taste. It complements the Salmon Mac & Cheese. It came with a French Press and hot water refill is available upon request.

The Mac & Cheese was creamy and thick. The salt from the smoked salmon added taste to the dish. The dish might be too overwhelming and I suggest sharing it with someone.


Th Steak & Egg was delectable! The ribeye was medium done so it was kind of “bloody” bur I prefer my steak tender and juicy. The sautéd mushrooms and onions provided taste to the saltless steak. The salad was zesty and refreshing. The raw yolk complements the meat like a gravy. 


The Grapefruit Lemonade was refreshing. It was bitter, sour with a tinge of rosemary. There was slices of grapefruit and lime to add to the texture of the drink.


The Fuel Ice tea was unique. It is tea with lemon and orange juices. There was fresh herbs  in the drink to bring out the tea flavour.Slices of lemon can be seen inside the glass jug.


The Salmon & Mash’s salmon was juicy and tender (medium rare). The mash potato had a fine texture and was very smooth. The asparaguses were grilled and crunchy with a tinge of sweetness. 


The Soft Shell Crab Curry was amazing. Fuel Plus took the local Chili Crab dish to a whole new level. The curry was blended with herbs and was quite similar to the Japanese curry. The soft crabs were deep fried to crispiness and their flesh were tender. The curry can be eaten with bread or alone like the mushroom soup below.


The Mushroom Soup was the most value for money! 7 bucks for such a large bowl of soup. It was thick , creamy and hummus-like. The consistency is very new to me (like the Soft Shell Crab Curry). The bread was toasted and airy with sautéd mushrooms on top. Trust me, you must try the sautéd mushroom! They were juicy and packed with so much flavour!


Lastly, the Valrhona Hazelnut Praline for dessert. I could tell that they make they own cakes here. Some cafes, if you observe closely have the exactly same type of cakes as other cafes. You can tell that they outsource their cakes from the same supplier. This cake was impressive with vanilla and chocolate layers of cake. The vanilla part was flavourful, the chocolate part had chocolate chips which gave the spongy cake a crunchy trait. The hazelnut icing was buttery and sweet. However, there was an absence of the hazelnut flavour in the cake and icing.


The water was poured from a test tube style jug with a cork as a stopper.


Their wifi is very strong and you can see people using their laptops. The password.


The meal totaled to $97.20 for 5 persons.


FuelPlus has great customer service. For example, the service crew will ask if I need more water, the wifi password or salt and pepper etc. Their service crew are very observant and friendly.

Fuel Plus needs to pay their chef well! The chef really determines the reputation of a cafe/restaurant. The food standard here has high quality and the cooking is amazing. You really get what you pay.

Hope you enjoyed reading!