Chocolat N Spice Cakes (Shunfu Market)

​I went to Shunfu Market to get the muffins but halfway through queueing they got sold out so I decided to get their cakes instead. 

I got the Rasberry Cheesecake ($3.80) and the Red Velvet ($5) from Chocolat N Spice.

Red velvet is a buttery cake with sour cheese icing. The cake was aromatic and has a similar flavour to their muffins. I spotted red fruit fibers in the cake which may possibly be from beetroot.

The cheesecake was a tad too dry. The  raspberry jam tasted kind of sour. I could hardly taste the cheese. The roasted nuts on hazelnut cream on the side of the cake was delicious though. They used a spongey vanilla cake base instead of the usual biscuit base.

I really like how they use fresh fruits to decorate their cakes.

I would recommend the red velvet cake. It has an exceptional flavour, especially for a hawker centre bakery.

Hope you enjoyed reading!