Orh Nee at Expo Food Fair (27 to 31 May 2016)


20160528_114934This is one of the best I have ever had.



The Orh Nee was scooped into smalls with an ice cream scoop.The yam paste was smooth, creamy and thick. I know they probably used lard to make the paste as I could taste that “pang” flavour from every spoon I had.

The corn bits in the creamy gravy was juicy and crunchy. The sweet gravy has a similar texture to the Bo Bo Cha Cha’s coconut milk dessert soup. It complements the paste very well.

Trust me, two scoops were more than enough to satisfy your belly.

What’s more, it cost only 2 bucks per bowl!

I still remember the Orh Nee I had a Teochew Restaurant in Chiang Mai Thailand in 2011. I thought it was the best Orh Nee but now this one has overthrown the Chiang Mai one.

I don’t remember the name of this Orh Nee store which is quite sad, but I am sure they will be at the next Expo Food Fair. My fingers are crossed.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

PS: If any of you know the name of this Orh Nee store, please comment below. Thanks!