Jack’s Place (Jurong Safra)

As Safra Members and also in the area, we decide to grab dinner at the Jurong Safra (10% off total bill). We are not fans or buffet and the Japanese food didn’t appeal to us, so we chose Jack’s Place.

We ordered My New England’s Fish & Chips ($14.50), Grilled Chicken Steak ($15.80), Honey Flower with Mango Pearl ($4.20) and Mushroom Soup ($5) and Salted Egg Molten Lava Cake ($8.90).


The Fish and Chips’s fish was crispy like Appalam. Its  flesh was soft and juicy. The  fries were thick and salty.


The chicken chop will grilled to flavour and I really like the baked potato. The waiter came to our table with an array of sauces and condiments on a tray for us to choose from to go with the baked potato.


The mushroom soup was Campbell’s soup with two slices of garlic buttered bread.


The honey drink was the stereotypical honey water. I, however, was impressed with the mango pearls (at the bottom of the drink, very translucent). They popped like fish eggs in my mouth. It was definitely an unfamiliar sensation.


The salted egg lava cake was quite disappointing. I expected more of a thick salted egg powdery texture but got a sweet syrupy filling instead. To add, the filling was contaminated with chocolate lava which overwhelmed the already bland salted egg sauce.

The total bill came to slightly under 50 bucks(after 10% off) for two person which I felt was not very reasonable for the quality you get.

Hope you enjoyed reading!