Tang Tea House Hong Kong Cafe (Near East Village)

We were at East Village and didn’t know what to eat, so we we decided to walk along the shop houses across the road hoping to find something delicious to fill our stomachs.

Tang Tea House was the first shop that came to sight and seeing the crowd there, we decided to try the food there. Tang Tea House is a Halal certified Dim Sum place.

We ordered Fried Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion ($12), Crispy Bee Hoon ($10), Noodle Soup with Sliced Fish ($7) and Homemade Barley Drink ($2.80).


The beef slices had too much tendon and had a very different flavour as compared to the typical beef dishes you eat at Chinese food places. I think it might be because they didn’t use lard and the spices used are similar to those in Malay/Indian food. A bit of turmeric and curry flavour was evident in the gravy. The ginger was not very spicy.


The Bee Hoon dish was a huge disappointment. It was bee hoon fried with eggs to the point of crispiness.


The fish noodle was below average. The fish was tender and soft despite the high temperature of the soup.


We had hot barley which was a tad too sweet for us.

From my observation, the waiters and chefs are from China. Even though they have great customer service, I felt the chefs were not very skilled. The cooking standard was just not there. To add, they charge GST here.

I probably won’t be back here again, however, I will be on the lookout for palatable Halal Chinese food in Singapore.

Hope you enjoyed reading!