Shunfu Market (Char Kway Teow and Muffins)

Shunfu Market is known for the long queues and good food so one has to expect to find a crowd there especially on the weekends.

I have tried the tapioca kueh and nasi lemak to chee cheong fun and have to admit that the food quality here is much higher than most hawker centres in Singapore. I will be reviewing some of the food at the market.

Orange Peel with Raisins muffin:20160625_10515220160625_105736 (2).jpg

Cheese muffin:20160625_10520320160625_105853 (1)

Mocha muffin:20160625_09055720160625_090649

Earl Grey Chiffon:20160625_092242


The muffins from Chocolat N’ Spice are very popular. They are one of the best I have ever had. Not to mention it is from a hawker centre. The muffins are so moist inside and crunchy on the edges of the muffin top. We had the Orange Peel with Raisins muffin which is similar to a fruitcake, Cheese muffin which is just cream cheese in the middle of the muffin and the Mocha muffin which is coffee flavoured cake with chocolate chips. I would recommend the Mocha one as it is unique although all the other flavours were equally amazing. They also bake amazing cakes like Earl Grey Chiffon and brownies. The chiffon was so aromatic and…OMG the fluff was perfect! Their brownies were amazing too. Moist, sticky and not very sweet.

20160625_092030.jpgThe char kway teow from Lai Heng Fried Kway Teow. It was very fragrant and the noodles were soft. It was basically a plethora of favours exploding in my mouth. You have to try it to understand! Do note that they they give a lot of cockles, like 20…I am serious.  If you don’t want any cockles you can opt to not have them.

20160625_105241.jpgWe also had the tapioca cake which was quite oily and crumbly. Not recommended. Forgot the name of the store, but I know it’s from the store beside/on the right of Mei Zhen Hakka Cuisine.

20160625_09040720160625_091408 (2).jpg

We also tried the slice fish bee hoon from Marsiling Teochew Fish Soup. It was definitely not up to expectations. One distinct feature would be their thick fried egg.

Shunfu Market is a place where you can get cheap quality food (which explains the long queues). I, however, would not join the queue just to buy the food here (I would come here at a non-peak time to avoid the queue).

Hope you enjoyed reading!




Albert Centre: 东风发海南鸡饭’s Chicken Rice, Mixed Vegetable Rice(Forgot the name of the shop)

We wanted to go to Tekka Centre for  lunch today but the parking was full so we decided to go to Albert Centre instead. We have never been there before and were surprised to see the array of food. Albert Centre offers a more local taste than Old Airport Road. It’s like your neighborhood wet market/food centre.

I walked passed 东风发海南鸡饭 and saw a picture of our PM smiling and decided I have to give it a try. I have seen this franchise at Maxwell Food Centre before but never dared to try as I don’t like oily rice.

I got the $3.50 set. They have $2.50, $4.50 too (more chicken, more expensive). I asked for chicken breast. There’s chilli sauce, garlic sauce and black sauce beside the cutlery. I feel that the rice and sauces are a tad salty. The chicken is flavourful and is definitely the highlight of the dish. I would actually just buy the chicken without rice next time!


Next, we tried a mixed vegetables store. (Forgot the name!) It’s actually not bad. I love the chicken on the tofu! We paid $4.20 for this.


Afterwards, we got desert. (Forgot the name of the store!) I really liked the grass jelly (仙草) as it was hard when you bite into it (also means more ingredients used) and it’s not sweet. However, I did not like the sea coconut. This costs $1.50.


I wanted to try the Nasi Lemak and Rojak but their queues were so long! I will definitely be back to try them. I would recommend Albert Centre for those days when you don’t cook and just want to eat something outside.

Old Airport Road Food Centre #2: Holy Grill’s Prime Striploin and 老夫子炒粿条’s Char Kway Teow

I went to Old Airport Road today for lunch with my good friend, Alicia. We were looking for something healthy and stumbled upon Holy Grill.



We both tried the Prime Striploin as we love beef. We got to choose two side dishes with the Striploin. I chose two portion of Garden Veggies (Broccoli and chopped carrot). I was a bit disappointed as they served clauliflowers instead of the broccoli as shown on the menu. On a bright side, I liked the garlic seasoning/bits they sprinkled on the vegetables. (You can opt not to have the garlic powder)


Moving on to the meat. The seasoning was alright with a creamy and salty taste from the melted butter. They also sprinkled some dried herbs on the Striploin to add flavour. You can to choose either mushroom or black pepper sauce to go with the beef. I chose the black pepper one. I felt they could have given more sauce. The size of the beef was quite small and had too much tendon. You can take packets of ketchup from the container next to the cutlery. The owner will give you the chilli sauce himself.

I told the owner I wanted my beef medium done but it was too cooked. (Below) Same case for Alicia. We had a difficult time trying to cut the meat!


From my observation, there’s a lack of manpower in the store. The owner was juggling so many tasks and appeared quite “kan cheong”.

The portion of this dish may be small for some. It costs $13. I feel that it’s not worth the money. I would not recommend this dish.

Next, we tried 老夫子炒粿条’s Char Kway Teow as we were still hungry.


It was quite a let down. It lacks the unique fragrance and flavour. The texture of the noodles is hard as if they are under cooked. We paid $4 for this. The portion is quite small too. Not worth your money. I would not recommend this dish.

Old Airport Road has so much more food we want to try. We will definitely be back soon.

Kovan 209 Market & Food centre: 龙香后港海南咖喱饭’s Hainanese Curry Rice and 炒福建虾面’s Hokkien Mee

I have heard from my sister that the food at Kovan 209 is not bad and wanted to try but never had the chance. Today, I was at Kovan and decided I should to try the famous 龙香’s Hainanese Curry Rice.

I have heard that the queue can snake to the other end of the hawker centre for this Hainanese dish!

The store like most 菜饭 (Mixed Vegetables) stores, offers a variety of dishes. Once you select the dishes your want, the aunty will douse the Hainanese Curry on your rice. You can ask the aunty for other gravies like 卤汁 (pork sauce),chicken curry etc. I asked for chicken curry and Hainanese Curry. The Hainanese Curry is quite similar to Japanese Curry in terms of the sweetness and non-spicy  characteristics. The chicken curry on the other hand is thicker, spicier, and has the strong chicken flavour . The aunty added another dark sauce to the Hainanese Curry which I think might be 卤汁.  I ordered 茄子 (Brinjal), 长豆 (Long Bean), 猪扒 (Pork Chop).


I feel there’s is nothing special about Hainanese Curry Rice. It’s fundamentally rice and 料 soaked in curry.

Just look at the curry soaked rice below: (Halfway through eating, I got too overwhelmed by the curry taste)


I would recommend this to anyone with 重口味. This costs $4.

Next, I tried the Hokkien Mee from 炒福建虾面. And, it’s surprisingly good. It has the authentic Hokkien Mee taste. I feel that it tastes better than the Old Airport Road one. (Personal Preference)


I would recommend this to anyone who likes Hokkien Mee or Char Kway Teow. This plate costs $4. They also sell Char Kway Teow and Fried Carrot Cake. I will definitely be back to try the other dishes from this store.

I urged all foodies to come to Kovan 209 for a gastronomical experience. It was certainly a “mouth” opener!

Old Airport Road Food Centre #1: 嘉賓日夜香’s Rojak, 南星福建炒虾面’s Hokkien Mee, 如记小厨’s Mee Pok, Char Kway Teow (forgot forgot to take down the name of the store), Unkai’s Ebi Fried Curry, Hougang Otah, Geylang Lorong 20 Banana Fritters


1.  嘉賓日夜香’s Rojak

rojak store.jpg

We paid $6 for this which is a little pricey. They have $3/4/5/6 depending on amount you want. The rojak here have much more ingredients then the one at HDB Hub basement foodcourt (Soon Heng Rojak). I really like the cuttlefish here. It is really soft and easy to chew. Plus, it does not have a fishy smell. This rojak has flavour yet it’s not too sweet or sour. I will definitely recommend this to anyone as a side dish.



2. 南星福建炒虾面’s Hokkien Mee

We tried this famous hokkien mee for $5. It’s quite expensive for a hokkien mee. They use 细米粉 instead of 粗米粉. It has the flavour and is slightly different from the normal hokkien mee you usually find outside. To add, the squid is sliced thinly for easy consumption.


3. 如记小厨’s Mee Pok


Next, we had the mee pok tah here. The owners made the fishballs on the spot. The fishballs here are soft and succulent unlike the ones we buy from NTUC. The mee pok has a nice texture with enough oil and vinegar to bring out the taste. This mee pok costs $4.

mee pok.jpg

4.  Char Kway Teow (forgot to take down the name of the store)

We had this Char Kway Teow for $4. It was quite a let-down. The 黄面 was too hard and the dish lacks flavour.



5. Unkai’s Ebi Fried Curry


We also tried the Ebi Fried Curry from Unkai. The curry is thick and savoury and goes well with the crispy tempura. We paid $8 for this.



6. Hougang Otah’s Chili Fish Otah

We ordered two chili fish otah at 50 cents each.The portion is quite small and the taste is quite ordinary.



7. Geylang Lorong 20 Banana Fritters

We passed by this store selling goreng pisang (fried banana) and got two of them. One for $1.30. They sell other fruits/vegetables like tapioca and sweet potato fritters too. The outside is salty and crispy while the inside is tender and sweet.



Lastly, we tried this sour sop drink from an uncle on a motorised  wheelchair. It costs $2.50. I feel it’s a little too sweet but I really enjoy the succulent flesh of sour sop at the bottom of the drink. To add, there’s an extra touch of acidity from the slices of lemon and lime in the drink.