The Workbench Bistro (beside Catholic Church of Christ the King)

I stay in the area but have never step my foot into this cafe as I am always skeptical about heartland cafes. It was a hot and  lazy Saturday morning and I decided to grab brunch there.

The cafe is dimly lit and has a cozy ambience. I, however, felt that their air conditioner is too strong. I was literally freezing.

We ordered carbonara, mushroom pasta (vegan), latte and waffle ice cream.

The carbona was not cheesy enough. The sauce was too diluted. The bacon was not fully cooked and had the pork odour. 20160521_121016
The mushroom pasta was a tad too salty. The linguine was doused with oil with slices of chili and mushrooms in between the pasta. This pasta is vegan.

Both pasta dishes were substandard.

The latte was dry (too little liquid milk) and sugarless.

20160521_120322Now, the highlight of the meal and what The Workbench Bistro is famous for. Waffles. It was seriously amazing. We had the original waffle with Bailey Irish Cream and Strawberry ice cream.  The waffles were aromatic, definitely better than Cold Pantry. The waffle texture was moist inside and crisp on the outside. The strawberry ice cream was acidic and refreshing and compliments the more creamy and thick Bailey Irish Cream ice cream. The chocolate sauce drizzled on top added a sweet edge to the waffle.

The total bill came to slightly under 40 bucks.

I recommend this place if you are looking for a cozy place to get quality ice cream waffles in the heartland. To add, there’s free wifi! Since it’s located near Bishan Park, you can go for a walk after eating to burn the calories!

Hope you enjoyed reading!