HoHo Chimek (East Village)

I went to East Village as I wanted to try Ooriginal’s Overdosage. This drink is so talked about that I came all the way to Tanah Merah just to try it.

At East Village i saw that they have many delicious food spots, but HoHo Chimek caught my eye. I read many reviews about this place at the entrance and was convinced.

I had the soy garlic chicken combo and the mushroom pancake. This place has no GST and service charge by the prices might have already included the ++ in.

The chicken portion was quite small. However, the taste was fabulously good. A lot better than Four Fingers which was too salty for me. The crisp skin and tender chicken was the perfect combination. I, however, found the fries too mundane.The dish cost around $10.



The mushroom pancake used shiitake mushroom. It was just like prata with mushroom except the pancake has a “Nian Gao” texture. I felt the pancake was a tad too oily.



The total bill for both dishes came up to $19.50. The food was good but not a place I would come back again ( I stay in the North).

Hope you enjoy reading! Have a nice day!