Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh (吉祥红鬼粿) at Everton Park

Ji Xiang is the best place in Singapore to eat Ang Ku Kueh. Today, we were at Outram Park and decided to drop by to buy a few back home. We got the sweet bean and peanut filling ones which are the originals. We have tried the yam, corn and durian filling ones but there were not impressive.

Ji Xiang started in 1985 selling only the sweet bean and peanut filling Ang Ku Kuehs. They have now explored other flavours like salted bean, corn, yam, coconut and durian. They also sell Sesame Balls, Nian Gao and Huat Kueh.

The take away styrofoam box looks like this:


All the Ang Ku Kuehs cost 80 cents except for the yam (90 cents) and durian ($1.30).

It looks like this inside:


We bought three sweet bean and two peanut.

The Ang Ku Kuehs here have the most tender skin and taste exactly like Muah Chee. Yet, they’re not as sticky as Muah Chee. The sweet bean filling can be powdery with small bits of beans. The peanut filling is crunchy with a fragrant peanut aroma. I like the filling here as they are not too sweet or salty. To add, the ratio of skin to filling is just nice. (Not like some places where the skin is so thick) They are actually very generous with the filling.

Below is the sweet bean Ang Ku Kueh:


Below is the peanut Ang Ku Kueh:


I would recommend this as an after meal desert or just as a snack for anyone who likes kuehs.