Papa Rich (Westgate)

I went to Westgate since i was in the area. I prefer eating at Westgate as compared to JEM, JCube, IMM and Jurong point as their have a wider variety of food. I came to Papa Rich as missed their food!

Nasi Lemak Rendang

Known for it’s Nasi Lemak,I had to get their Nasi Lemak. I got the beef rendang one as I love beef. The rice was fragrant and the ikan bilis and nuts were roasted to perfection. I, however, was not impressed by their chili. It had no flavour and was a tad too spicy for me. Another disappointment was the beef rendang. The beef was tough like rubber. I feel they overcooked it and I didn’t finish it.


Chicken Chop Curry

The chicken chop was tender and aromatic but too oily for me. The rice used was the typical fried rice. The highlight of this dish the curry. It was amazing! A plethora of flavours exploding in my mouth. You have to try it to know!


Tropical Lime

This drink is your typical float. It’s refreshing and palate cleansing. Especially after all the oil and spice in from the chicken,  rendang and Nasi Lemak chili. It tasted exactly like Wall’s Solero.


Previously, I went to the Plaza Singapura franchise and I left vouching to come back soon. However, the ingredients used here at the Westgate franchise was a let down. The food standard was visibly lower than what I had gotten at Plaza Singapura.

The food here is slightly cheaper than Mdm Kwan’s. However, I prefer Mdm Kwan’s Nasi Lemak over Papa Rich.

Hope you enjoyed reading!