Mdm Kwan’s Beef Satay and Otah (Vivocity)

I was at Vivocity last night and got take away from Mdm Kwan. I have eaten there with my family previously and since I was craving for satay, I had to get their beef satay ($13.90++).

Their beef was tender and juicy. There was sweetness, saltiness and a hearty flavour to it. Just a caution, it might be “ze lark” to some. The satay has solid meat and there was no tendon in the meat. Mdm Kwan’s food costs significantly more than what you get at hawker centres but the quality of food is there.



The spicy nutty characteristic of the peanut sauce (sambal/ bumbu kacang) added an element of crunch and barbecue taste to the beef. The strong sambal aroma from the sauce brought back nostalgic childhood memories.


The rice cake (ketupat) was quite ordinary and not very aromatic. They gave slices of cucumber, pineapple and chopped onions to cleanse the palate. The spicy onions did an excellent job of neutralising the fat in the peanut sauce.


Lastly, I got an otah to share with family. I am not an otah fan nor do I hate it. However, I have standards. I got to say that this otah is really not fantastic.  The texture is the otah is confusing. The was chunks of fish meat inside the mushy spicy flour cake. Not to mention, the otah was thick and cut into large squares. Nothing like what we have at hawker centres. To add, the sambal in the otah was a tad too overwhelming for me.



I would say that their Nasi Lemak would be a more balanced meal for dinner compared to the satay. Next time, I don’t think I will get their satay. I am currently suffering from heartburn after eating it last night. Besides their Nasi Lemak, they are famous for their chendol ($4.90++). I tried it previously but sadly, it was mediocre. All there was were the green rice flour jelly, red beans and shaved ice. A small jug of gula melaka is given for you to add to taste. I felt they did not provide enough coconut milk. Quite a disappointment.

I hope you have gained new information from this post! Have a great day!