Dian Xiao Er (店小二): Roast Duck, Spinach, Chicken, Yam Ring, Slice Fish, Tofu


Dian Xiao Er is known for their herbal roast duck. This is the Ten Wonder herbal roast duck. The duck meat was tender. It’s like biting into a sponge, there’s so much herbal sauce in the meat itself. I could taste the dang gui (当归) in the meat!


Chinese spinach in superior stock and herbal chicken. The spinach was very ordinary. The chicken was succulent and the gravy was quite concentrated.


This is the yam ring. It’s basically yam paste in deep fried batter. The middle is filled with cashew nuts, celery, onions. Not impressive.


This is old style steamed fish slices. It is not bad. The meat was fresh and the sauce was very unique.


This is the tofu dish (not sure about the name of the dish). It tasted like seafood fish cake more than tofu. Not bad but I don’t think I will order this again.

I prefer Dian Xiao Er to Din Tai Fung as they have more variety of dishes. We paid around $200 for these dishes , 8 chrysanthemum teas (quite large) and 8 bowls of rice (their rice are really soft and “pang”). Around $25 per head. I will definitely be back to try their other dishes.