Heng Long Teochew Porridge(opposite Singapore Baptist Convention 新加坡浸信会联会)

This Teochew porridge place is located at a row of shop houses along Upper Serangoon Road. My family and I went there on a Thursday night around 7.40pm and it was quite crowded. Fortunately, we managed to find a table upon arrival.

Like most Teochew porridge places,  first, we go and order from the array of dishes. Then the auntie/ uncle will serve your selected dishes and porridge to your table on a metal tray. After setting the food on the table,  you will then pay the auntie/uncle.

Something to take note when ordering is that most of the  employees here are from China and they may not understand English or the Teochew dialect. Therefore, knowing Chinese is important when ordering. If you don’t know how the name of the dish in Chinese like us, you can just point to the dish that you want.

We ordered six dishes which was too much for three of us. The dishes we ordered were (below from top clockwise direction) tofu, chap chai, ku lou yok, hae chor(I can be wrong), soy sauce chicken and eggplant in the middle. Compared to Soon Soon Teochew Porridge which we love a lot, Heng Long has a wider variety of dishes. Especially steamed pomfret and ang he which is absent from Soon Soon. I have never to been to a place with that many steamed fishes!


The tofu was quite tasteless and it wasn’t douse it salt like most 菜饭 places. The chap chai was also saltless and there was no har bi or black fungus inside at all!The main ingredient which made up most of the dish is the cabbage. The ku lou yok here is not bad but I could only taste flour and salt. The pork pieces are not only small but layered with so much flour. When I bite in, it was almost hollow. A perfect example of 偷工减料.  Next, we had the hae chor which was the best dish out of the six in my opinion. It has the slight prawn flavour  but lacks certain ingredients. It tastes something in between ngo hiang and chicken. I am not quite sure about the specific ingredients but it tastes good, so i recommend ordering this if you eat there.We also had the soy sauce chicken which my mother always make. Honestly, I find my mother’s version of this dish a bit lacking in terms of some spices, however, Heng Long’s version was an utter let-down. There was so much skin and fats attached to the meat and I could hardly taste dip fried ginger. To add, it was bland. What a waste of money and calories. Please don’t order this dish, it will literally shock your palate. Lastly, we had the eggplant dish. It was a disappointment like the soy sauce chicken. Tasteless, unpleasantly sour on the inside, and too oily.

To conclude, the dishes here lack flavour and taste. If you are looking for 清淡 type of food, here’s the place. However, we prefer 重口味 food and Soon Soon never ceases to satisfy our cravings. The price is affordable. We paid SGD25 inclusive of 2 bowls of porridge, lu zhi and the six dishes. Heng Long is quite far from Kovan MRT which makes it not as accessible as compared to Soon Soon. The environment here is quite cooling at night but I don’t think  we will come back here again.