Table Manners (Changi City Point)

We wanted to get supper and we ended up at CCP. We walked one round at level 1 (it was 9.25pm on Sunday) and Table Manners caught our attention. It has a peaceful ambience with quirky furniture and “The Only Exception by Paramore playing in the background.

The kitchen closes at 9.30pm so we hurriedly picked our food. We wanted Mocha but they said that they are not serving coffee anymore. So, we went with a pot of Earl Grey Tea ($6). You can ask for reflll of hot water. We also had the Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel Tart ($7.50) and Rum Infused Crème Brûlée ($6.50).



The Earl Grey Tea’s tea/oil blend has a therapeutic effect on me. I would recommend this drink to go with desserts or alone to relieve stress.


The Sea Salt Choate Caramel Tart was not impressive. It has elements of sour from the berries, sweet from the milk chocolate and salty from the salted caramel below the chocolate filling fusing to produce a taste similar to black forest. The tart’s pastry is a too hard and brittle.


Their Crème Brûlée is unique. There’s a layer of rum infused glucose biscuit on top of the custard. The custard confused my taste buds.

I like chewing the mint leaf garnishes as it was refreshing.

I would not come back here for their desserts but I would love to try their main courses and coffee which is their niche.

Hope you enjoyed reading!


Beef D-Rump with Kale and Pea Sprouts


The D-Rump cut is a proportionately fat and is great for steak dishes. The price is also very reasonable for beef at $3.50 for 100g. I got two steaks from Culina NTUC. I seasoned the the meat with the Argentina seasoning from Culina.

I heated the pan to low heat and used butter to oil the pan. For me, I prefer my meat more cooked.

Look at the charred and juicy steak!


I took it out of the pan and grab some kale and dou miao (pea sprouts) to a plate. I dolloped some greek yoghurt to cleanse my palate (Greek yoghurt is a good compliment to salty and fatty dishes) . Lastly, I drizzled lemon juice over the veggies and meat for an added zest.


Look at the color of the meat:


I like to dip my meat in the yoghurt:


I hope you will have a great time making this simple and fun dish. It’s healthy, hearty and gives you the energy you need to stay up late to study/work!


Roti Prata House (Thomson Road)

Roti Prata House is always crowded during dinner time. From their menu, I found out that they sell kway teow , bee hoon and fried rice too! (besides the delectable Indian dishes)


One of the best Teh Halia ($1.70) in town. The ginger was spicy yet it does not leave an aftertaste.


Cheese Egg:


Banana Cheese:


We had the Cheese Egg prata ($2.50) and the Banana Cheese prata ($4.50). (Stackes on each other)

Their pratas weren’t oily and was in fact very crispy compared to most pratas you find in food courts and hawker centres.

They have an enormous selection of pratas to choose from. Strawberry, durian and prawn pratas are just the tip of an iceberg.

They certainly have the tastiest prata curry in Singapore! Sweet, salty then spicy. A plethora of spices exploding in my mouth!

I would totally be back to try the other dishes on their menu. I would recommend this place to those who like a fusion of traditional Indian cuisine with a modern touch.

J.Co Doughnuts Taste Test

I have not tried J.Co Doughnuts  for a long time (since 4 years ago in Batam) so I went to get some of their flavours. Take note that J.Co’s doughnuts are generally smaller than Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme. The dough was not aromatic but goes well with certain toppings. One for $1.80, six for $9.90. We tried six flavours which are Glazzy, Alcapone, Choconuttzy, Copa Banana,  Mr. Green Tea and Snow White.




Simple and delectable. Slight crispness on the outside.



The almond was thinly sliced and very crunchy. The white chocolate was a tad too sweet. Too bland in nutty flavour.



I liked that they mixed hazelnut cream with chocolate sauce for the filling. This is a must try!

Copa Banana


The filling comprises of fresh cream with hints of banana. The chocolate toppings went well with the banana flavoured cream. This is another must try at J

Mr. Green Tea


The the bits of almond compliments the green tea glaze. A bittersweet combination.

Snow white


Fresh cream filling yet again and icing sugar doused on top. Simple ingredients but surprisingly good.

I wish J.Co would not use fresh cream so much as it was mediocre. I think their doughnuts were a bit pricey for its taste and size. I prefer Dunkin Doughnuts and Krispy Cream to J.Co.

Dunkin Doughnuts Taste Test

Believe it or not, I have never tried Dunkin Donuts ever since it came to Singapore. That’s why I decided to try some of their donuts. I got the Boston Kreme, Glazed, Almond White Chocolate and Chocolate Cake Glazed (below, anti-clockwise from bottom right).


Boston Kreme


The cream compliments the chocolate glaze and they were not overwhelming. The chocolate glaze was bittersweet. The cream was quite light and not too sweet. The dough had a strong “doughy” flavor.  No lingering after taste.



The dough tasted quite bready. The outside was crispy and sweet. It has a unique shape. ‘Less is more’ is very true for this doughnut.

Almond White Chocolate


Nutty and sugary sums up this doughnut. I liked the cruch, however, I felt the icing was a tad too sweet for me. The toppings went well with the dough.

Chocolate Cake Glazed


The cake has no flavor. It’s soft and crumbly. The taste came from the sugary glaze. Not impressive.

I would recommend the Almond White Chocolate and Glazed doughnuts. I will definitely try the other flavors in the future. Dunkin Doughnuts is not bad but I prefer Krispy Kreme.

Tiong Bahru Market: Chwee Kueh, Char Kway Teow, Duck Rice, Chendol

Jian Bo Chwee KuehSnapchat-6127409709757509977.jpg

We got 6 for $2.40. The kueh was very creamy. Cai po is their specialty (their cai po is authentic!). The kueh and cai po were doused in oil. This dish is a must try!

Tiong Bahru Fried Kway Teow20160329_190918.jpg

We got the $3 plate. Not impressive. A bit sweet and not salty. The kway teow was very soft. They used very small cockels. I would not recommend you trying this dish.

Tiong Bahru Lee Hong Kee Cantonese Roasted20160329_193335.jpg
We paid $5 for char siew and duck breast with rice. The duck skin was not crispy. Its meat was smooth and tender. The gravy had a strong aroma of star anise.. The rice was a bit under cooked. But overall, not bad. The duck meat was smooth and succulent. This is a must try!

Liang Liang Garden20160329_194446.jpg

We paid $1.80 for a bowl of chendol. The red beans were very small and the coconut milk was thick. I would enjoy it if it was less sugary. They have other deserts like dou suan and cheng teng.

Yu Kee (友记): Duck with Rice and Kway (Bishan Kim San Leng)


The rice tasted like it was boiled in duck broth. The duck meat was tender and full of juice. The duck gravy was not very aromatic. We ordered (additional) char siew and egg. The char siew was ordinary. The kway soup has a herbal taste. I really liked the celery in the soup which gives a crunch and kills any meaty taste. This cost $12 (for 2 person).

I would recommend this place to anyone who loves herbal soup, meat etc. I saw a really long queue for chicken rice (boiled chicken I think) a few stalls down. I will probably try the chicken rice next time I come to this Kim San Leng branch.